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Sayoc NorCal is the Northern California affiliate school for Sayoc Kali® and Sayoc Fighting System® (Sayoc Global, LLC), as founded and created by Pamana Tuhon Christopher C. Sayoc, Sr.

Sayoc Kali is a tactical martial arts system strongly focused on edged weapons survival and use. It is an “All Blade – All the Time” system. Read more about Sayoc NorCal and Sayoc Kali here.

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FMA in Film and Media

A nice write up on Filipino Martial Arts in modern film and media by Sayoc Associate Instructor Joey Marana:



We had a nice turnout for the Atienza Kali Seminar at The Compound this week.

Tuhon Carl taught several training drills with the Bolo (machete) and empty-hand pad work (panantukan). Great session.


Sayoc Combat Choreography on Set at NCIS:LA